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So there I am right checkin my email, triying to get rid of all tha spam mail I get cuz my *** will give my email out, any way, I get this email sayin, 1000s of channels frree , TV4PC,

It was ony like 30dollars, it said no subscription chargez, it said free upgradez,

I was like *** Yah, itz 2008, it must be tru,

So my *** payz an the DTV4PC downloadz, and IT SUCKz,

I got skamed, You can pick up TV on your PC but they failed 2 tell you itz CRAPPY,

Tha channelz load slow, They alwayz cuttin oout, I cant even watch MTV,

Tha only good thing I did get out of DTV4PC iz that they inclded a World Wide Radio Reciever, an I can pick up POWER 92.3 from tha CHI, it duz have alot of stationz from all over the world, but tha TV part was a SKAM,

I say if you get thiz EMAIL dnt buy it, if you wanna watch TV on your PC just google it, therez alot of sites that let you do it for FREE, save your MONEY, buy a *** a FORTY, and keep surfin for ***, I meant MUZIK, ya keep surfin 4 MUZIK, read my other RANTz on my space by tha same name,

Thiz THa_MaNiC_HiSPANiC an IM OUT!!!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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